“Redefining the way you wear your Denims”

  • Philosophy
  • Objectives
  • Policy

We deliver the a competitive advantage by giving our clients international solutions at affordable prices. At the same time, we are able to match the needs of our bolder, more experimental clients who are looking to partner with us n creating signature style statements and take user-friendly accessories to the next level.


Customer Focus

We co-create by engaging with our customers

through long- standing relationships



We  develop, demonstrate and execute cutting edge solutios that become future trends in this and parallel industries.


Talent Management

We select , develop and retain the best in industry from designers to craftsmen, production experts, marketing and sales team, as well as client partnership personnel.



We prize three things above all-

1. Honest client relationships

2. High Quality

3.Timely delivery

Quality Objectives

Landmark is committed to Total Quality Assurance. For us, quality represents all dimensions of products and services – performance, features, reliability, durability , serviceability, aesthetics and  thus perceived quality.

Quality Policy

We strive to  consistently upgrade quality  and services by establishing and maintaining  management systems, and upgrading skills and technology incrementally. This ensures our lead in the competition as well the enduring trust of customers who can see we are geared for the future.

ALL  our products are in compliance with the industry quality standards. We provide metal accessories in nickel & lead free quality adhering to OEKOTEX  Standards.